• Alex Farcet Alex Farcet


    Bio: co-founder of Startupbootcamp and Startup Weekend fanatic.

  • Ole Vilster Ole Vilster

    Bio: 10 years of experience in leadership and SW R&D - spent the last 3 years on innovation, concepting and facilitation.

  • James Digby James Digby


    Bio: James Digby has over a decade of operational and managerial experience, specializing in early stage funding, marketing expertise and business development. As an entrepreneur, he has built up a successful consulting business helping Nordic companies that seek to expand their reach internationally. He provides expert assistance to board level for rapid growth companies. As an accomplished corporate strategist, James has increased profits in various different business sectors globally. James is also a senior partner of idea 72, a startup advisory based in Copenhagen, Denmark that helps entrepreneurs and young startups develop their idea with access to seed funding, mentorship, business development services and direct links to an Angel investor network.

  • Kim Balle Kim Balle

    Bio: IT-freak that wants to build bridge between research and entrepreneurship

  • Bartosz Smólczyński Bartosz Smólczyński

    Bio: Startup supporter with focus on strategy, control and venture capital.

  • Monika Luniewska Monika Luniewska

    Bio: Innovation agent at DTU Fotonik, great fan of charismatic people, inspiring cases and Alex's activities :)

  • Zenia Francker Zenia Francker


    Bio: Regional Manager of Venture Cup Copenhagen - loves helping entrepreneurs!