• Jeff Coe Jeff Coe

    Bio: Entrepreneur and MD of Linden Ventures a Berlin based early stage Incubator/Seed Fund, Jeff has founded/co-founded 4 startups across 3 continents.

  • Chris Mottes Chris Mottes

    Bio: CEO at Six Ravens Capital, board member at Nkasa A/S

  • Thomas Madsen Mygdal Thomas Madsen Mygdal

    Bio: Co-founder of 23 Video. Active investor (, blogger (, organizer of the Reboot conference.

  • Christian Sejersen Christian Sejersen

    Bio: Director at Nokia, expert in SW, formerly Director of Mobile Engineering at Mozilla.

  • Mads Lindborg Mads Lindborg

    Bio: Product development manager at Nokia, expert in Products

  • Romel Amineh Romel Amineh

    Bio: Global product manager at Nokia, expert in Design

  • Henriette Weber Henriette Weber

    Bio: Social media expert.

  • Rags Vadali Rags Vadali

    Bio: VP of Product Development at Layar.

  • Anette Nørgaard Anette Nørgaard

    Bio: Developer Evangelist at Microsoft.

  • Ravi Vatrapu Ravi Vatrapu

    Bio: Lektor, PhD, CBS. Comparative Informatics: Socio-Technical intersections of Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, Consciousness Studies, and Cultural Studies

  • Johan Lorenzen Johan Lorenzen

    Bio: Associate at Sunstone Technology Ventures.